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Breathtaking view of the Town of Paris, the Nith and Grand River’s. A spectacular view of the natural beauty of the hillside forest. Some of the last Carolinian forest in our part of the Province.

For details about the individual suite amenities please visit our suites page.

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•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•Riverside Park with picnic and relaxation area.
•Canoe Kayak Launch Area ( Condo Corp. development).
•Rear property trail leading to the – hillside nature walking trail -. Trail will take the resident on a course leading to the community park and then back to the building down Mechanic St.
•435 sq. ft. bicycle storage room with two assigned individual bicycle racks and surplus racking for guests.
•Garage Miscellaneous Common storage of 136 sq. ft. for the storing of cleaning materials and equipment used by those residents wishing to care for their individual vehicle cleaning.
•Designated area in the garage with water spigot for residents who enjoy doing their own vehicle detailing.

•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•For future condo cop. development.
•Roof Top Patio B 2152 sq. ft.
•1225 seating amenity space 927 green space (garden) 60 ppl. Cap.
•Roof top patio accessible by stairs.
•Green Roof for visual comfort.
•Two gas BBQ’s.
•Strategically located outdoor receptacles.
•Lighting fixtures located to aesthetically enhance and create the desired ambiance encouraging a relaxing atmosphere.
•Composite wood decking on the roof structure for additional resident comfort and surface protection.
•Lounging and comfort amenities for relaxation.
•Appropriately located planter units to add privacy and ambiance to the resident environment.
•Overhead wood Trellis, provides a comfortably shaded, luxury environment.
•Breathtaking view of the Town of Paris, the Nith and Grand River’s. A spectacular view of the natural beauty of the hillside forest. Some of the last Carolinian forest in our part of the Province.
•For future condo cop. development.

•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•“Doorguard 7210” concierge monitoring community access system including two-way communications from selected zones in the parking garage and entry areas.
•Personally, encoded suite entry system with keypad connected to the “Doorguard 7210” concierge station. The access control system located in the lobby vestibule at the visitor’s main entry point permits resident guests to communicate with the resident from the building entrance. Guests in the lobby will be viewed by the entrance surveillance cameras.
•Floor entry restricted to floor occupants by both doors and elevator
•Guests and transient visitors will be monitored in the parking garage, parking lot and building entrances by surveillance cameras and security systems which will be monitored by a third-party security firm.
•Key fob system of security to open and give access to common area entrances and provide automatic garage door controlled opening and closing.
•In suite sprinkler system.
•Hard-wired smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector integrated with the building system.

•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•Individual unit forced air gas furnace.
•Air exchange and energy recovery unit providing fresh air to the building.
•Individual metering of electricity, water and gas for monitoring and controlling energy consumption.
•Central soft water conditioning and filtering.
•Individual condensing unit providing unit specific air conditioning.
•Fireplace choice (gas or electric).

•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•Fiber optic cabling to each suite complete with the appropriate in-suite junction box.
•Coaxial cable and category 5e twisted pair in-suite wiring to main mechanical room with appropriate runs to the living room, den area and bedrooms.

•Not Just a Condo, “a Lifestyle”
•Individual service panel with circuit breakers.
•Approximately every 50-sq. ft. of suite living area a LED pot light will be installed (except in instances where there is dropped ceilings/bulkheads, mechanical and electrical distribution as well as areas of structural interference.
•Two capped ceiling light outlets’, one in the main living area and one in the dining area if desired.
•A split electrical receptacle will be provided in the island.

Moving to Paris was the best move we ever made. The town is so welcoming and has that small village feel we were looking for.
June & Marco
I wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and get out into the country but still have all the features and conveniences. Paris was the perfect spot
Spencer Hanson
My parents spent years working to build their business. They wanted something easier to manage while they were enjoying retirement travelling, but still with tons of luxury. The Royal was just what they were looking for.
Alexis Zeen
The Royal Paris