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  • Q- Why did you add expense to units #6 and #7 by installing a partial glass floor?

    A- The structurally engineered partial glass terrace floor although expensive to incorporate into the building, gives a unique sensual experience to those owner’s walking over the glass terrace entry. More importantly it gives daytime Sunlight to units #2 and #3 where the upper terrace functions as a canopy. This gives the owners a greater sensual experience.

  • Q- Why have you constructed the separating walls with concrete?

    A-  Most condominium units are built to meet the lowest selling price possible. This building however, was built to maximize on building quality as well as maximizing on sound and fire suppression. You will see this practice of quality build continue to the terrace areas where the terrace separating walls are also constructed of concrete to provide strength and structural integrity. They are then covered with cedar cladding.

  • Q- Is the brick “clay brick” and is the stonework of lasting materials?

    A-  All the masonry material is made of the highest quality clay brick and stone material available. All material is engineered to meet the highest standards to withstand the abuse that weather and time can inflict. This building will be as attractive and eye catching fifty years from now as it is today.

  • Q- Balcony drains have been installed on all terraces and balconies. Is that not a waste as most buildings just use weepers to get rid of the rain water?

    A- You are correct, in saying most balcony areas in other buildings use weepers. Unfortunately, this practice to drain water is used to reduce build cost at the expense of maintenance. Most buildings to reduce build cost will use weepers to drain balcony and terrace water. The problem with that method of water drainage is that it leaves water traces that require cleaning and will create a risk for masonry deterioration.

  • Q- There is a large storage room in the lower section of the building next to the unit storage lockers, what is it for?

    A-   That area has been left vacant so the owners can decide it’s use. Additional common storage, an exercise room or game room are a few potential uses. It will be up to the owners to decide the most functional use of this space.

  • Q- Why is there a walkabout located on the penthouse level?

    A-    The walkabout is an extension of the courtyard which allows the owner to walk completely around his home to maximize and fully enjoy the outdoor experience.

  • Q- Why didn’t you provide two inside parking spots for all owners?

    A-    When planning the building, current needs and requirements were measured against future needs and requirements. We felt costs would be better spent on uses with long term value such as a lower concrete garage wall. In the not too distant future car automation will reduce the number of vehicles required by any single dwelling. We feel single car ownership will be the norm, so it is wise to create a building with parking space not only accommodating todays need but also for tomorrow.

  • Q- Why does the building have only ten condominium units. Wouldn’t they be cheaper if the costs were spread over more units?

    A-      There are a couple of reasons why this building has this number of units. The first and most important is lifestyle, that is what is being sold “Luxury Living”! This building has a number of unique condominium homes that will allow neighboring condominium   interaction while maintaining owner privacy and individual security. The second reason is municipal zoning restrictions. This property is uniquely located and is one of the few core properties that can have residential units due to a special policy area, it is truly a premium one of a kind building!

  • Q- Can the rooftop patio be used by all owners?

    A-       Yes, the rooftop patio can be used by all owners if desired. The elevator as well as the stairway will take you to this area. It will be equipped with lounging chairs an outdoor kitchen area with all necessary appliances for entertaining and of course an outdoor fireplace with complimentary landscaping in the form of a green roof and strategically placed planter boxes for privacy and the flower enthusiast.

  • Q- Are condominium fees reasonable?

    A-       Condominium fees are an expense that the builder has been very cognisant of.  A building in todays market is generally built with the selling price top of mind. This approach will generally lead to higher condo fees relating to maintenance. This building has been constructed with maintenance both short and long term in mind. You will find the condominium fees are lower in many cases than much cheaper properties. This lower fee is a result of the use of higher quality building products and techniques.

  • Q- How far am I from the nature walking trail?

    A-        Walk out any of the exit door’s, cross the parking lot to the picnic area and your outside adventure begins. You can begin your walk along the building’s park area, over the Grand River St. bridge and continue along the municipal Forest River Trail to the Lion’s Park, and then stroll over the walking bridge to Mechanic St. and then home.

  • Q- Why have you created such a large room for bicycle storage?

    A-         Yes! The room is quite large and can accommodate not only bicycle storage but the storage of other building items. The condominium owners may choose to use this area for the use of exercise bicycles and equipment as well.

  • Q- The terrace areas on unit’s 2 and 3 are very large 1881 sq. ft. Am I able to have an herb garden on the Terrace?

      A-         Yes, the terraces have been designed to accept a load for just about any of the normal recreational back yard uses. You will notice in our brochure some of the Terraces are shown to accommodate a Hot Tub.

  • Q- You show in your brochure a park or picnic area with a picnic table, a canoe on a dock area. Is there also a barbeque at this area for owner use. Is the area suitable for grandchildren to play and is that area accessible to the public?

       A-         The park area is finished with the amenities you are asking about. We have endeavored to create the maximum amount of owner enjoyment and convenience. THE ROYAL developer has given much thought to maximize for all owners including their guests and grandchildren. The park is a fully private area and is to be used exclusively by the condominium owners. Please understand that the same rules must apply that any responsible home owner would use. All safety and supervision of activities are the individual user’s responsibility.

  • Q- There are three units in the building that you call commercial use and ownership, do those owners share in the building common areas?

        A-         The commercial units although part of the condominium group is restricted to their self-contained units. The uses of these units are highly compatible and complimentary to THE ROYAL. They access their basement storage areas from their individual units. They are also allocated their specific parking area that is adjacent to the cenotaph. Obviously, rubbish removal areas and main mechanical areas are shared. In analyzing the building layout, you will note that a great deal of thought has been given to each owner’s privacy and convenience. 

  • Q- The appliances that are included are Thermador or Bosh by and large, can I have alternate Brands if desired.

         A-        You have a budget assigned to your unit for kitchen, lighting, floors, bath and trims as well as appliances and fireplace. You have a say in any of these areas but if your choices are above the allocated amount that will be considered an upgrade.

  • Q- If I don’t like some design areas of my unit am I able to have a say in how the unit is laid out and where walls are located?

         A-        This is a high-end luxury condominium and we expect this request will arise in certain circumstances. The layouts our architects have designed are very good but certainly your designer may want some changes. Providing you work with the building contractor and Architect you can make your desired changes. NOTE: electrical and plumbing may be limited in relocation.

  • Q- Are pets allowed in the units?

         A-        The building has been developed to a very high standard to create one of the most beautiful building’s in the County. Issues of sound, fire and maintenance are at the highest level possible for us to achieve. Pets certainly were top of mind. If you notice some units have extensive Terrace areas, designed for those who wish to have all the freedom and convenience of a private back yard. These areas are perfect for pet accommodation. Also, you will note that The Royal has a private park area where pets are welcomed to frolic by the river in a wooded area. The pet friendly environment is just one of the many luxuries made available to you at The Royal.

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