A big thank you to the Paris Star for the amazing write on a long awaited project coming to fruition.

“A long empty building on Mechanic Street will be redeveloped into retail space and condominiums, according to the preliminary plans of a Paris businessman.

Bill Kennedy, president of East River Holdings, bought the building and land at 11 Mechanic St., which was once the New Royal Hotel and the Capitol Theatre.

“I’m looking at redeveloping the site,” Kennedy said. “It’s derelict, unsightly and needs to be cleared.”

Kennedy said his motivation is the same as it has been for other local development projects he has taken on.

“I’m endeavouring to make our community a more attractive place, a better place,” he said. “I’m driven simply because of its presence in the community. I’m a citizen of this community. I chose to spend my life here and I want to make it a better place before I’m gone.”

Kennedy had the building assessed structurally and found it is “too far gone” to be renovated.”

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